Production of carbon parts

We will help you to realize any of your carbon fantasies.

We are ready to make any automobile part made from carbon fiber, kevlar or fiberglass.

For that, we do not need a model or a particular part. It is enough to have your drawing, 3D model or a blueprint.

How it works:

1) Let's say that you have an idea and you can draw it (give a photo, 3D model or a blueprint).

2) From the information you have given to us, we begin the process of creating a rough sketch model. This process is the most complex and long as it often requires a very large number of approvals from the client and improvements.

3) When the draft model is finished, from it the first form is taken and a maquette is being made out of fiberglass. This maquette is perfected and sent to the client for the final fitting. Usually one fitting is enough, but in particularly difficult cases, several fittings are needed.

4) When the final model is ready, all fixes are worked out, we produce the final form. After we have polished it and brought to perfection.

5) When the final form is ready, we produce the final part.

Most often, the customer wants the detail that we are making for him would not be supplied to others, that is why, all forms and maquettes are also sent to the customer.

We provide a service of a ''unique part'': in this case, everything used for the production of the form and maquette is sent to the customer. Thus, the parts stay exclusive.

We manufacture automobile parts for any type of vehicles made of natural carbon fiber. Everything that we have in stock can be bought immediately.

We are willing to make a copy of any of your parts out of natural carbon fiber. Thus, you can replace your usual part (spoiler, thresholds, bumper, lining, etc.) with a light and beautiful part made of natural carbon, kevlar, aramid, and fiberglass.

How it works.

1) You send us your original parts.

2) We produce a form for the production of carbon parts.

3) We manufacture a new part from carbon fiber.

If the part is made into one copy, then the client pays for all stages of production (the original part and the form is sent to the customer).

If you order 5 or more parts, then the customer pays only for the final part, which is made out of carbon fiber.

Very often it is not possible to make the original part again, due to the large number of anchorages and a complex configuration.

Our solution - lamination, such as, application of natural carbon fiber on the original part.

How it works.

1) You send us your original part (or buy this spare part from us, so you don't have to disassemble your car).

2) We prepare the surface of the part, then we apply carbon and resin with UV protection.

3) Next is the final manufacturing stage and painting it with a car UV protection paint.

In the end, you get your part, covered with natural carbon fiber. Because we use only the highest quality materials, even after several years, the part will not turn yellow and will not deteriorate.

The more parts we make at once, the cheaper will be each part separately.

If your original part is broken - it doesn't matter, because we have the experience and the abilities to repair it.

The production time is negotiated separately, and will depend on the complexity of the parts and their quantity.