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Hood (standard non-vented version) from Carbon Fiber for TOYOTA Celica St202 (Group purchase to start production)

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Carbon Fiber Hood (standard non-vented version) for Toyota Celica ST202

1) Three or more customers are needed to start production
2) Production time 3-6 months (This time includes the search for the original hood, the production of molds and the production of carbon hoods)
3) The shipping price may change in both directions as we cannot predict prices for such a long time.
4) If we do not collect three or more clients within three months (until 01/11/2022), all prepayments will be returned to the clients and the project will be closed.

- Due to the large size of the box, shipping prices may vary. Please contact us before ordering to calculate the shipping cost.

- Due to the large size, shipping to some countries is not possible

- Brand New, High quality

- Made from Real Carbon 2x2 Twill and High Quality Epoxy Resin (Upper side 3 layers of carbon fiber, Inner side 4-8 layers of carbon fiber)

- Triple coating of high-performance two-pack acrylic urethane clear coat. Glossy surface is already waxed to the most shiny appearance

- Very light weight parts (5Kg)

- UV protection to avoid whitening or yellowing effect, will remain highly glossy finish over years of use even under heavy sunshine of outdoor parking

- Mounting, bolts and nuts of Stainless steel.

- Easy installation

- All parts are handmade, so in rare cases, minimal variation of the carbon pattern is possible

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